Ordering a death certificate is one of the few tasks in life that you will never have to take care of for yourself; however, there is a very real possibility that you will have to go through the death certificate acquisition process for a loved one or family member. During these emotionally difficult times, having to cope with necessary responsibilities can be burdensome and the furthest thing from your mind. Unfortunately, a death certificate is often a required document when trying to collect life insurance, access pension benefits, settling an estate, or arranging for a funeral.

Fortunately, ordering and receiving a death certificate in Florida is a fairly straightforward and simple process, which we will outline below. 

How can I order a death certificate in Florida?

While still at the hospital, after the time of death has been established, hospital administrators will create and provide discharge paperwork, which releases the body of the deceased into the family’s custody.

After leaving the hospital, the body will be brought to the mortuary and kept until the funeral. While at the funeral home, you may request that a death certificate be ordered from the state by the funeral director, who will be able to utilize his/her official director number to help with the death certificate acquisition process. 

In situations where there is no cause of death, in the state of Florida, anyone can order a death certificate; however, once a cause of death has been pronounced, then only a spouse, parent, child, grandchild, or adult sibling of the deceased can request a death certificate. Additionally, anyone with vested interest in the decedent's estate, as proved by presentation of a will or other documentation, can order a death certificate.

Required Information

When submitting the necessary paperwork to obtain a Florida death certificate you must be able to provide the following information about the deceased:

  • Full Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Sex
  • Date of Death
  • Location of Death

You must also be able to provide the following information about yourself:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Relationship to the Decedent
  • Picture ID
  • Copy of the Coroner's Report
  • Notarized Guardianship Papers (if applicable)

How long does it take to get a death certificate in Florida?

Once the necessary forms have been submitted, it takes roughly one week for a Florida death certificate to be processed.

When looking to order a death certificate, you have several options on how best to do this, including:

  1. Mail-in or Walk-in to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville (1217 Pearl St. Jacksonville, FL 32202)
  2. Order online or by phone through VitalChek
  3. Mail-in or Walk-in to a local county health department (only applicable for deaths from 2009-present). Find a location near you, ordering information, and fees at Florida County Health Departments

Florida Death Certificate Sample

If you have never seen what a Florida death certificate looks like, a sample certificate has been provided below: 

death certificate sample

If you have additional questions about obtaining a death certificate, or if you believe the loss of your loved one's life was due to someone else's negligence, contact an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. Lawyer Friend can help.

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