Anyone who lives in Florida knows there is a fair share of rural roads. You may also know that wildlife and animals are often present on those roads - or sometimes have a habit of jumping out in front of your vehicle. These types of incidents are common and can lead to accidents, but what if there was a way to make these animals more visible - especially at night?If you were to visit England’s countryside, you may see cows and other animals spray-painted with a blue reflective paint. They aren’t the victims of graffiti; instead, they have been marked with reflective paint so that they are not run over, but also so that drivers can see them more clearly in the dark. A recent article in Care2 discusses the importance of this reflective paint and how it could not only save the animals, but reduce the number of fatal car accidents on rural roads and highways in the countryside.

The Problem with Animal-Related Accidents

Animal related accidents are not uncommon in the United States and they even happen in Florida. Just a few ways they can occur include:

  • A head on collision with a large animal at high speeds.
  • When a driver must swerve to avoid striking an animal and crashes.
  • When a driver swerves into another lane to avoid an animal and strikes another vehicle.
  • When a driver stops short to allow an animal to cross and is rear-ended by a vehicle behind them.

Kinds of Animal-Related Accidents that Lead to Settlements

Victims of these types of accidents are often left wondering how they will recover compensation for their injuries and damages, especially when the collision is caused by an animal and not another human being. In these types of cases, it will go one of two ways. First, a car accident with a wild animal, such as a deer, is not something you can request compensation for. That is because no one or no company was negligent and no one released the animal. Instead, you will need to use your own insurance coverage for these claims. Passengers in these types of accidents have more options than the driver.

If you are a passenger of a vehicle that was in an accident caused by a wild animal, you can seek compensation from the driver. The type of claim that can seek compensation from someone at fault is when the animal that caused the accident should have been restrained in some way. This is an accident that occurs with a pet or livestock rather than a wild animal. The responsible party in these cases would be the owner or party in charge of restraining the animal.If the pet was not restrained, often the owner’s homeowner’s insurance or livestock insurance policy would cover the accident costs. If the owner acted negligently, you may be able to seek additional compensation outside of any medical payments or property damage.

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