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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I was just in a car accident. Will Lawyer Friend® be able to connect me with a car accident attorney?
    Absolutely! Lawyer Friend® is connected to a network of personal injury attorneys who specialize in auto accident law - examining accident scenes, dealing with insurance companies, and litigating fiercely on your behalf when needed.
  • Are there attorneys who specialize in Wrongful Death? Can Lawyer Friend® help me?
    Yes! Wrongful Death is a unique speciality practiced by highly trained Personal Injury lawyers. Our lawyer matching network includes experienced and compassionate Wrongful Death specialists.
  • Can Lawyer Friend® match me with an Intellectual Property attorney?
    Of course! Whether you are dealing with an issue related to a copyright, trademark, or patent, Lawyer Friend® can match you with an Intellectual Property expert.
  • I was recently injured while receiving medical care. Can Lawyer Friend® provide a Medical Malpractice lawyer for my needs?
    Definitely! Sadly, Medical Malpractice is all too common at hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics. If you have endured an injury while seeking care from a physician, our network of Medical Malpractice specialists can help.
  • I am about to declare Bankruptcy. Can Lawyer Friend® help match me with a Bankruptcy specialist?
    For sure! No matter what your current income and no matter your level of debt, Lawyer Friend® can get you into contact with an experienced Bankruptcy attorney for a free consultation.
  • I have recently been arrested and require a strong criminal defense. Does Lawyer Friend® have access to knowledgeable Criminal Defense attorneys?
    Indeed! Whether you are dealing with a misdemeanor, a felony, or even something as simple as a traffic ticket, Lawyer Friend® has the right lawyer for your needs.
  • Can Lawyer Friend® help me regarding a recent slip & fall accident?
    Fortunately, Lawyer Friend® has access to a rich network of Personal Injury attorneys with experience in Slip & Fall cases, regardless if you fell on public or private property.
  • I suffered a personal injury over 30 days ago. Is it too late for me to attempt to collect compensation?
    Not necessarily. The sooner you begin the process to recoup losses from your injury, the better, but it is not impossible to receive a settlement for a personal injury which happened over 30 days ago. However, you have to be careful to wait too long as your claim could be arred by the Statute of Limitation. Contact Lawyer Friend® and we will match you with an attorney who can offer you a free consultation to discuss your best course of action.
  • How much should I expect from car accident settlement?
    Settlement payouts can vary in amount from minimal to extremely large. Try our Settlement Calculator to give yourself an approximation.
  • I was a passenger in an auto accident, can I sue?
    Passengers have a unique position in an auto accident, because, depending on who is at fault, the passenger may have a personal injury case against the driver of the car he/she was in, and/or the driver of the other vehicle. Contact Lawyer Friend® and a skilled attorney will get in contact with you right away.
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